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Tech To Leach: "We Are As Good As You Can Do"

We here at Barking Carnival, ever mindful of being a part of the Big 12 family, have voiced concern over the apparent impending breakup of the marriage between the Pirate and Texas Tech. Even our resident psychiatrist, Dr. Scipio has offered his services to help save this relationship.

Alas, it appears that this West Texas Feud is fast approaching the point of no return. Tech has a 5-year, $12.7 million dollar offer on the table for Mike Leach, and they set a Feb. 17th deadline for him to accept it or just keep working under the present contract. Leach has problems with several riders and has indicated he won't sign.

Today, Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance may have committed the Cardinal sin in relationship wars: he dissed the partner he is trying to hold on to. Hance told the Dallas Morning News that Leach can't do any better than Tech.

"Go ahead, walk out that door. Where you gonna go? Pullman? Boise? Fresno?

Hance goes on to say that Leach is a "little different" and doesn't play well with alumni all the time. He then gives his job description for Leach:

"We just want Mike to coach football out here and tell pirate stories."

Oh yeah, this is gonna end well.