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We need to attack the box by moving the basketball. When we probe it and make more than two passes, we get open looks.

Throw Big Dex the basketball. We keep missing him with a defender on his back. We can run offense through him but refuse to. We're waiting for AJ Abrams to come free and it ain't gonna happen.

Why do we show on ball screens with Dexter 30 feet from the bucket when JAGS like Dash Harris or Donal Sloan have the basketball? It's not like Randolph Childress or Donald Williams is coming off the ball screen. It's insanely dumb. Not only are you risking needless fouls with a 300 lb man 30 feet from the bucket, but you're defending offense that isn't in the opponent's arsenal. It's a galacticly stupid tactic.

Why is everything a charge nowadays? Seriously, did the Rule of Verticality hire AARP's lobbyists in the last 5 years. It used to be a 50/50 proposition when I played.

Connor Atchley needs to be in the game along with Pittman. Damion's doing nothing, and atleast Connor is capable of punishing a zone. Or just play Matt Hill as long as he promises to enter the basketball.

We're making it really easy on the Ags.