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The Shootaround

Chet Gristler capably handicaps the Big 12 NCAA Tournament odds.

I think we're in if we close out Big 12 play north of .500; probably in at 8-8 with one Big 12 tourney win. Our non-con will save us and we're an established enough basketball program that we can get by on committee charity in a tight spot. I reckon Bracketology agrees.

Next up: Brett Favre - future NFL analyst!

I await that insightful commentary eagerly:

Summerall: (hiccup) Blllechhhh....arbbbbb.....Gyyyyants to fyace thurddd n tree in forrrf qorr. Down tree. Play-offffs. Four min leff. Wizzle happen Eel-hi Mann, Bratt Farr?

Favre: If Eli has a pair hanging, he'll drop back and fucking wing it into the teeth of that queer ass Cover 2. Test that shit.

Summerall: ...ahhh, agin two deep saffeys? Deep paassss?

Favre: Maybe your receiver makes a play!

Summerall: (hiccup) Orrrr...intracepshunnn. Shoon't try n get firs down - plenny time clock? Gyyants jess nee....uhhh....feel goal. Errp.

Favre: Throw it up there. Like a kid. A petulant overrated kid. Can't be scared to crap your bloomers, Summerall.

Summerall:I'm jess did. Foooof.

Texas Tech and Mike Leach continue to whizz all over each other, according to the Wiz of Odds. When pride and public face become primary in a negotiation, you'll have better luck getting Hezbollah on J-Date. I downplayed the likelihood of Leach and Tech parting ways earlier, but my decision modeling naively assumed rational actors.

Finally, worst charge call EVARRR:

What was weaker and more contrived - the bad call or Floyd's faux double-back once he hit the tunnel ramp?