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Dern Sheep Fornicators

A few thoughts on losing to the Agriculturals.

1) Texas lost this game on defense, not offense. The Horns are a mediocre offensive team and we gave a mediocre offensive performance. Barnes' Boys can be a good defensive team, but A&M punished them for every mistake they made tonight.

2) Gary Johnson is not a good post defender or defensive rebounder. It is not effort. It is the product of being a 6'5" power forward that doesn't get off the ground very well. I am not scared of the other team's point guard being isolated on him though, which is nice, I guess.

3) The post entry pass must look like a Rubik's Cube to these guys. I mean, it's not rocket surgery or Chinese grammar.

4) I find it hard to believe that a college level athlete that can clap can't shoot free throws at a 40% clip. I am willing to bet that I could randomly choose any offensive lineman and he could shoot 40%. I haven't shot a free throw in three years and I could shoot 40% left handed, right handed, underhanded, and Lew Alcindor hook shot style.

5) I actually don't think we played as bad as it looked. Offensively, we kept going inside all night. We got zero calls or bounces until we made our run in the second half.

6) They basically didn't miss a jump shot until about 12:00 to go in the second half.

7) Damian James had 16 and 11 on 6-12 from the floor and 3-4 from the line. Jes Sayin'.

8 ) Trying to beat the Box and 1 by spending 20 seconds each possession to get the ball to the guy being defended by the And 1 makes no sense. The weakness is not the And 1 guy. It is everybody else. The And 1 guy compromises everybody's help. Stick AJ in the corner, or make him the screener, or hell, let him do jumping jacks at halfcourt or skate around in his jock strap. Don't make him the focus of his offense.

9) I am glad Dejuan Blair exposed Hasheem Thabeet. Thabeet has been the most talented player in every college game he has played, and has dominated roughly three games in 3 years, yet ESPN has been all up in his jock for going 25 and 20 against Seton Hall. SETON FREAKING HALL. Their two most productive inside guys are listed at 6'6" and 6'9".

Keys to beating OU:

1) The biggest game ever out of Dexter Pittman. Blake Griffin was scared of him last time, but his confidence has to be enormous right now because he has been absolutely destroying everyone. Gary Johnson can not guard him ever.

2) AJ has to be on. We need an effiicient 18 from him.

3) Austin Johnson needs to miss threes.

4) We need to be aggressive and get to the foul line as much as possible.

5) We need Connor.