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Colt McCoy & Garrett Gilbert In Columbus

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If video doesn't play: the Colt video.

Our Longhorns, current and future, racked up some hardware recently. GG was awarded National High School Player of the Year. Colt McCoy won the Archie Griffin Award. Tim Tebow won Salvation for us all with His death on the cross.


- Colt's first question to Gilbert, "How does it feel to follow in the foosteps of... Vince Young?" Money.

- Colt's subtle mocking of Gilbert's sincere and earnest answers is just tremendous

- The Sopranos suit - silver-grey tie, black shirt, tan suit - is how they roll in Tuscola

- Case Keenum and Kellen Moore look like 8th graders standing next to McCoy; how did the Big 12 North let their squatty magnificence get away?

- "Sweet" is Colt's favorite adjective. I thought it would be mothafuckin'

- As the camera pans to Thaddeus Gibson, you can hear Colt whisper to Garrett Gilbert, "Hey, golden boy, get The Colt a Dewars, one icecube, double. Run. I said, run!"