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Getting Wood

Wood's commitment today seals the deal on a number of fronts for the 2010 recruiting landscape:

1) Our QB depth issues have disappeared

This upcoming season will feature McCoy as a Heisman candidate. He has a damned good shot at being in NYC in December. Obviously, beating Christ and the anti-Christ disguised as a retarded Star Wars character will be tough duty, especially since they've already each won one, but he has a good shot at being there again. Behind McCoy, it is difficult to imagine both Harris and Chiles being willing to stick around after the spring. Will one of them stay? Sure. Both? No. Chiles clearly thinks he's a D-1 QB, so it's easy to see him packing up for elsewhere. Gilbert is a guy that should redshirt and supposedly folks around him want him to redshirt, but if Chiles is gone, it becomes harder to believe.

In 2010, we'll have whoever is left of Chiles/Harris as seniors, Gilbert, and the two incoming recruits. Provided one of Harris/Chiles stays put, that's decent depth at the spot. One or both of the incoming guys could redshirt. That's solid separation in years between those guys and Gilbert, which could be enough to keep everyone happy. A scary premise is that both Chiles and Harris are gone and Gilbert is the starter with neither of Wood and McCoy redshirting because they really can't.

The scariest premise, however, is now going to be avoided with Wood's commitment. That nightmare was scheduled to occur in 2011 with Gilbert, one 2010 recruit as a Freshman, and maybe an incoming QB as well. That means no depth and no experience. Wood gives the program a significant talent behind another significant talent in Gilbert, and the two of them can fight it out for a few years with McCoy perhaps also playing a role in the mix. Maybe the depth hasn't bothered anyone, but it's been a concern to me.

2) We've got a bellcow for an outstanding class

Players recruiting players is rarely a believable take. That considered, it means something when QBs do it, occasionally. Wood is a national 100 guy and the best QB in the state in a class that has plenty of offensive skill talent. I grant us virtually no hope with Seastrunk, but this can't hurt. Reed, Cobbs and White have to like it. The other backs we're on or could be on have to like it. It also can't hurt with Mathews and only helps with Washington, if we go that way.

3) This continues to signal problems for Oklahoma

OU thought they had this guy and they had a strong case to make for his signature. Frankly, they had a better story than Texas did with only a few exceptions. They didn't have a Gilbert for him to be concerned with and they also have a strong winning tradition. Unfortunately, they're a program run by a minion of Satan and Satan himself has a shadow that still looms large over the program from when he ran things for almost 20 years during the 70's and 80's. As well, their school has the education value of a toilet brush outside of most places not named Oklahoma and the goldfrost-tipped metropolis of Dallas. It does appear that education and religious climate mattered to Wood and his family.

The signal fans of OU seem to be picking up on (from viewing their boards) and what Stoops and his staff are probably ardently burying their heads in the sand ignoring is that most of Texas is simply not fertile ground for them any more if they want to go head up against UT for numerous stars each season. They either need to ratchet things down a notch in the talent pursuit or turn the tide again within the series. They can also simply wait for the next stud to appear in Lufkin and buy his mother. That doesn't seem like a big enough pipeline. Of course, I still think they'll get Nelson and they have a shot at Jeffcoat, so we'll see how this thought holds up. It is fun to think about, either way.

"Brian Bosworth lives in my basement."

4) Pound for Pound, this class could rival 2002

We may look back and think of that as hyperbole. That's ok. I deal in hyperbole as HenryJames does in crayons and spray paint, it is a tool of choice.

-This class has no real sleepers or camp fever guys right now. McCoy is who he is and he's happy with it. So am I. Beyond him, it is a standout group. It has a chance to be really, really tremendous.

-Both Adrian White and Darius White are good bets. That'd be the best CB and WR in state.

-Cobbs is a decent shot at a commitment on the 28th. That's the top player in Oklahoma and a national guy.

-Wilson and Jeffcoat are decent shots.

-White, Hicks, and Nelson should all be takes and we're in the running with all of them, although it could take a while.

-Mathews sounds like he likes us more than folks realize.

-Throw in a Washington, or Q Parks, or Trevon Reed and you're adding to the embarrassment of riches. If we land a top flight TB, and who knows what that story is right now, even better.

It's easy to like what we're seeing right now in recruiting.