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Texas Longhorns Football: Spring Roster Released

The spring football roster is up at the Texas sports website. It's not much for the typical football fan suffering withdrawals, but I use it for three things. Attrition, heights/weights and position changes.


None at this point. Not naming any names, but...Montre Webber? Still there. Philip Payne? Still there. D.J. Monroe? Still there. Make no mistake about it. There will be attrition. Just not yet.


We get our first glimpse at the somewhat accurate measurements for the early enrollees. Heights will only be settled definitively for the lucky few that attend the NFL combine.

Tariq Allen 6'2" 235
Thomas Ashcraft 6'5" 315
Marcus Davis 6'1" 185
Dominique Jones 6'3" 240
Kyle Kriegel 6'5" 262
Alex Okafor 6'4" 240
Kenny Vaccaro 6'1" 195
Mason Walters 6'6" 295

Nolan Brewster is now listed at 210 pounds, and I see a change to linebacker in his future.

Redshirt freshman tackle Mark Buchanan is now 295 pounds. His classmate Luke Poehlmann is only listed at 257. Care to make a guess which one sees the field first?

Will Poehlmann suffer a similar fate as Samson for cutting his mullet?

Position changes

Dravannti Johnson is now a defensive end. He's a tweener, so it was either a big but slow linebacker or an undersized but fast defensive end. The conference we play in made that decision easy.

D.J. Grant is now a tight end. Good. As long as we don't do something stupid like make him try to block defensive ends. Unless it's Dravannti Johnson in practice.

Aundre McGaskey and Greg Smith are now listed as offensive tackles. We may be throwing bodies at the position at this point, but I'm interested to see what McGaskey can do.

Did I miss anything?