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Texas is doing a terrific job on defense forcing the Sooners to take uncomfortable shots. They've doubled Griffin in the manner we predicted. Quick when he catches it in the scoring area and slow when he's facing up. OU guards are getting way too deep when they're forced to penetrate.

Dogus Balbay has had some nice finds against OU's sagging M2M and zone. Credit our kids with cutting to the goal and making themselves available.

Dexter Pittman has owned Griffin when they've gone toe to toe. If Texas had a couple shooters and could enter the basketball, Dex would have drawn 2 more fouls on Griffin. BG simply can't handle Dex on the low block. Pittman's defense has to raise some red flags with respect to BG's draft stock. Is he a lotto pick? Sure. Is he a surefire all-star in the league. Perhaps not.

Willie Warren is keeping the sooners in the ball game. He would have been a nice addition to this Texas club. He's exactly what we're missing. We'll get his skillset in spades next year. More on this in a later post!

If Blake Griffin is truly hurt, then my apologies. He's playing like a typical frontrunning bully tonight, however. Get a little physical with him and hold him on offense and he's mysteriously woozy and light headed. If he had 15 and 10 at this point, there's little doubt in my mind he'd be back in the ball game.

Tony Crocker and Austin Johnson annoy the crap out of me. Kudos to Capel for developing these kids, because they quite frankly had been JAGS before this season.

Capel whines like Coach K. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

OU's zone is worse than ours.

Vitale is wearing me out.