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Lamarr Houston & Our DTs

A nice article on Texassports about Cory Redding's work with Lamarr Houston.

Cory is a great Longhorn and a real character guy. I'm glad to see him back in Austin because he's righteous and a positive influence on the young impressionables.

Anyone want to move him to LB?

Check out the photo gallery link at the top as well.

We need all-conference level play at DT from Houston. He's fully capable of it. He's a naturally strong guy who doesn't get moved around in there, but that was also playing three tech. If we ask him to to play some offset nose, he'll need to draw on some different skills.

The other DT spot will be a tag team of several guys: Randall, incoming freshmen, Humphrey (if he pulls it together). I'm less than optimistic about Ben Alexander giving us quality reps as he has never shown us anything tangible and I'm not sure if Wilcoxon is physically ready for college football yet as his primary value will be as a situational run-plugger...two years from now. Or at guard. Perhaps he's on a Brian Cushing plan and will surprise me.

Kheeston Randall is a big kid with great athletic ability, but he's tall and plays high. Until he can learn to control his pad level, high quality competition will give him fits. I hope his spring and summer are spent in a chute going against Mason Walters and that his offseason is heavy in hip and flexibility work. Ha ha. That was funny. I actually believed that for a moment as I wrote it. He'll bench a lot though. He has to come through to some degree or we're just doomed.

Howell looks the part, but counting on an impact true freshman in the interior DL is folly.

Derek Johnson - see Howell. He's also incredibly raw having played his high school career as a stand-up edge rusher. High school coaches can be cute, can't they? %^#%$%@##$#$%$$

Kyle Kriegel - Check back in 2012.

Jarvis Humphrey is a mystery and the lack of information about his status is usually telling of a guy deep in the coach's dog house. Too bad - coming out of high school he appeared to have all of the talent in the world. He still has some time to pull it together and earn back some trust.

You'll also see us bring a DE inside situationally against teams that can't punish us in the running game for doing so. Eddie Jones is a strong enough guy to hold up in there. There are great advantages to this in creating pass rush and increasing team speed, but it will get ugly when and if we face a competent running team.

We're gonna miss ya, big guy