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SI's top fifty prospects for the NFL draft

Dedfischer over at the Tortilla Retort has a post up about Sports Illustrated's Top 50 prospects for the NFL draft and the Big 12 players contained therein. After overcoming my initial anger that the Report isn't a review site for Tex Mex restaurants, I read the article. Before adding my thoughts though, I'll let you get a glimpse of behind the scenes magic here at the BarkingCarnival media empire. Actual email exchange below.

Ripley: Great write up, ded. Scipio/HJ - Can one of you link it, and address it in a post?

HJ: Scipio has pulled an Andre Smith. No one knows his current whereabouts.

dedfischer: Michael Oher is waaaaaaaaaay overrated too.

HJ: Was Jon Cooper invited to the combine for the same reason Carrie was invited to the prom?

dedfischer: I was surprised he did 31 reps @ 225. I don’t think he sucks as bad as you guys do. I keep trying to find a better center in the Big 12, but overall, the position just sucks and he’s as good as anyone was rolling with. Other options include a walkon or an overgrown 8th grader.

Ripley: This is why we blogs, you fucking imbeciles. Go discuss this shit on the web. Sweet creeping Jebsus.

HJ: I hope Dexter Pittman fouls you.

1. Michael Crabtree

Yeah, he's not quite 6'2" and has a stress fracture in his foot, but not even Matt Millen could fuck this one up. Some idiot GM will not be 'sold on his speed' and so they'll pass on a 10 year NFL guy. The NFL is still hung up too much on physical attributes. Look at the top dozen or so receivers in the league last year and tell me Crabtree doesn't belong in that group. He's a faster Michael Irvin.

4. Jason Smith

This guy was the best lineman in the Big 12 last year. Dude used Auston English worse than Bob Stoops and Jerry Schmidt did. Credit ex-Baylor coach Guy Morris for finding the then 220 pound Smith playing tight end in high school. You don't see many stories like that any more now that high school players can arrive in your program as freshman weighing 310. Smith is just fantastic athletically and definitely has the feet to be an NFL left tackle.

7. Brian Orakpo

I actually think Orakpo is a tad overrated at this point. The talk is that he's going to be a 3-4 OLB in the pros, but I haven't really seen the ability to play in space nor the change of direction that position requires. I'm not saying he doesn't have it. I just haven't seen it. He plays stiff at times. He reeled off a couple of 4.70s at the combine, but then popped a hamstring doing a drill.

20. Brandon Pettigrew

He doesn't run a 4.6! So? He's a dominating blocker, and will catch a lot of passes by using his frame to shield defenders. Like an entry pass into the low post.

45. Ziggy Hood

Tell me if you've heard this before. Athletically gifted defensive lineman who doesn't dominate like he should. Time to get serious, Ziggy.

46. Duke Robinson

Robinson is a fat aggressive mauler at the next level and so he reminds me of any guard for the Baltimore Ravens in the last five years. He did reshape his body in college so the work ethic is there. And he'll be served well by his 'If you can't beat 'em, hold 'em' philosphy.