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What to watch for in College Basketball Tonight

Texas vs. Texas Tech
Look for the horns to pressure the Texas Tech perimeter and even press full court at times tonight. Texas needs to jump on the Red Raiders early and pressure is the way to go. Offensively the Horns should be able to get to the rim at will, so settling for early jumpers by anyone other than Abrams should draw a quick hook from Barnes

Marquette vs. UCONN
Marquette will be facing what should be a tough matchup considering the Golden Eagles' lack of size. If they can somehow negate the Huskies' huge advantage on the glass, Marquette should be able to exploit great matchups on the offensive end. I expect some 1-3-1 trapping halfcourt defense to try to entice UCONN into some tough midrange looks. Offensively, Jerel McNeal and Lazar Hayward should be able to pull Robinson and Adrien away from the bucket. With Dwight Burke setting high ball screens, the Golden Eagles will try to pull Thabeet out of the paint, going almost exclusively with a 5 out look. If UCONN turns the ball over, they're toast. If they can control the ball and control tempo, they should be able to get Marquette in foul trouble. Marquette's my darkhorse team, so I'm pulling for them.

Michigan State vs. Iowa
If you watch the game and aren't an Iowa fan, a Michigan State fan, or a fan of defense then you're a masochist. The total on the game should be under 90 combined points. Iowa might not score 30 in this game.

Duke vs Maryland
I'd put even money on Gary Williams getting a technical in this game. The Terps have to win to get a tourney bid, and Duke will likely get some home cooking at Comcast Center. Yes, I know Duke is visiting but you get what I'm saying. Greivis Vasquez's play as a point guard makes my eyes bleed, but he has performed well against the Dukies. I give the Terps a decent shot at the upset.

Missouri vs. KSU
KSU is your micro cap mutual fund with a market beta of 5. Thank you Denis Clemente, a player that thinks he's playing horse against the opposing five. If he's hitting then look out. Mizzou's beta is closer to 1 and I'd categorize their fund class as more growth and income, with the tandem of Lyons and Carrol as the fixed income part of the portfolio. Like most helter skelter teams, KSU has a shooters chance to beat the Tigers. If you're a value investor, then you have to like MIzzou because they'll get most of their work done inside. I love the Tigers here.

Clemson vs. Virginia Tech
Clemson is looking for a two seed while Va Tech needs a win to get above .500 in conference play to get a shot at the tourney. Dellano and Vassallo pack a big scoring punch on the perimeter, but I don't think Va Tech can handle Booker inside. Va Tech blew a 20 point lead last time these two teams played, but I don't see them getting revenge here.

Villanova at Depaul
Meh. Depaul is a whipping boy in the Big East. The Fighting Massiminos roll.