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Kansas Basketball Game

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Our Kansas friends at Oread Boom Kings have their take on Texas and the big game this Saturday.

There are some things at stake here:

- A win for Texas likely secures an avoidance of the dreaded 8/9 pairing in the NCAAs where we'd face North Carolina, Pitt or UConn in the 2nd round. If you're fanciful enough to believe we'll win our first rounder, that is

- We're playing Kansas. The conference measuring stick. The Longhorns have been the second best basketball program in the Big 12 by a wide margin, but the gap between 1st and 2nd is also. Start bridging it now.

- Beating KU at their place will do wonders for our confidence. When Justin Mason is missing three pointers off of the face of a mascot on the sideline, confidence is something we could use.

- It could allow us to secure a first round conference tournament bye.

- Mike Gminski is doing color for CBS. Gminski! He of the 6-11 frame, feathery jumper, and legume allergy to rebounds. Clint Chapman - mentor?