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Recruiting Musing

Although many of the bluest of the blue remain yet to be signed, why has Texas cleaned up in the state so far in a year when DFW - neutral ground for OU where they own many hearts and minds - and East Texas - Aggie country with a secondary Sooner and LSU appeal - hold the lion's share of this year's elite recruits?

Why did OU just decide to offer a half dozen guys in California?

Why is Texas A&M being rattled off behind names like Baylor, TCU, and Arkansas when the internet services call Top 100 recruits? (No hyperbole there, btw)

I'm not sure even the OU bloggers are fully aware of the quality of some of the dudes we've landed in DFW and E Texas - many of them the traditional type of guy that OU steals from us with superior early evaluation and a historically strong scouting presence at DFW high school games. Guys like Greg Daniels, Aaron Benson, Tevin Jackson, Adrian Phillips.

So what's up?

Consider: when Mack Brown came to Texas in 1998, the current juniors that will comprise the 2010 class were all five years old. The brutal end of the Akers era, the folly of McWilliams, the root canal called John Mackovic - the ten year window between 1985 - 1995 when it was actually acceptable to wear an Aggie shirt to a high school assembly without being heckled - their gridiron DNA is innocent of all of these things.

They've grown up watching Texas go 115-26. When they were thirteen, a cookie dough of impressionablity, they watched the Longhorns win a national championship in the greatest game ever played. In the last five years, they've watched Texas secure three dramatic come-from-behind victories in BCS bowls against historic powers Michigan, USC, Ohio St and secure three top 5 finishes. Six of the last eight years have featured a top 10 finish.

That embeds in your brain.

And when program cover boys range from Ricky Williams to Casey Hampton to Major Applewhite to Derrick Johnson to Vince Young to Colt McCoy to Brian Orakpo, you've covered a lot of social identification bases: Christian, pagan, immigrant, small-town, humble, brash, ganja-friendly, inner-city, suburb. No Texas cookie-cutter to be found.

Playing in front of 100,000 people with your friends and family there is reasonably cool as well.

The coup-de-grace is Texas turning the Red River Shootout with dramatic wins in three of the last four; while OU has developed a national Ohio Statesque aura of collective dread and national weariness in big games.

And A&M...


My prediction: we'll land four of the bluest of the blues, a dude none know of us know about, and the six we lose out on will be nicely distributed across LSU, OU, Florida, A&M, USC. Exactly what we want.


Switching gears slightly:

I like reading takes from guys from other schools who know their stuff and dedfischer has an rundown of the LSR 100 and it's OU potshots. On principle, I support OU this, but it is amusing nonetheless.

One thing I like about Tortilla-boy is that he believes his own eyes and rarely accepts fashionable opinion just because. Generally, it serves him well. Though I think he's dramatically overthinking Jackson Jeffcoat.

He also offers good perspective on Tech's recruiting in 2010

I'm impressed by the quality available in Texas across the board at OL and WR and I know Leach will find his QB. Tech isn't going away.