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So Georgia Offered to Double Jeff Capel's Salary

The story went public in the Tulsa World News on Wednesday. GeorgiaSports blog has a good discussion on the situation. My question is what happens when the heavy hitters from the ACC like Virginia and perhaps Maryland jump into the fray? I doubt a football school like Oklahoma, in the context of a global financial crisis, can afford to getting in a bidding war with traditional basketball schools.

Sure, the Sooners are getting two McDonald's All-Americans in Tommie Mason-Griffin and Keith Gallon, but neither is a player of the year candidate that a team can hang its hat on. Texas will be salty and Kansas is Kansas. Capel is an ACC kid at heart. Carolinians have forgiven Capel for costing Duke a National Championship.

Two million can buy a lot of Kid -N- Play fades.

The barbarians are certainly at the gates and Mr. and Mrs. Griffin should be proud of Joe Castiglione for not retaliating. We'll see.