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Will Muschamp Designs His Defense

Scipio wrote a fun post about allocating defensive strengths to various positions. As a staunch believer in free markets and the market economy (hell I grew up near the last bastion of true capitalism on our planet, the Mexican/American border) it got me thinking about how Will Muschamp is jumping the wealth curve of recruiting defense. So, if I'm Boom, here's what I roll out in 2012, using Scipio's valuations.

DE: 10 Reggie Wilson
NT: 10 Taylor Bible
DT: 10 Jackson Jeffcoat
DE: 10 Alex Okafor
LB: 10 Jordan Hicks
LB: 9 Aaron Benson
CB: 9 Adrian White
CB: 8 Carrington Byndom
S : 10 Ahmad Dixon
S : 7 Bryant Jackson
S : 7 Eryon Bennett

I'm not worried about allocations. I'm just going to bake a bigger pie.