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Live Blogging KU vs. Texas

Game starts with Dex doing a good job on Aldrich.

AJ curls off the screen for FT's.

Damion James is on fire. He's able to pull Morris away from the bucket and do work. If he can handle Morris on the low block, this is a huge win in one of the matchup battles.

KU hasn't gotten out and run too much in the first five. Another win for Texas. So far so good.

Morningstar hits his second 3 in transistion because of a horrible selfish fadeaway look from AJ.

Good pace so far for Texas eventhough we're down 4. We just have to take better shots. Dex has to kill his bunnies. James attacks the basket and converts a 5 footer. Hanging around, as teddy KGB would say.

KU goes small to counter James, and he promptly rises up from 15 and hits a pretty little jumper. He's carrying us with 12 of our first 15. If you want to see him move on to the next level you're crazy. If he keeps playing like this it'll be a moot point.

I've got my boys doing spider dribbles and figure eights in the living room. They don't understand why a keep screaming Damion James. Deep jumper to give James a cool 14. Kids not thinking and just playing ball. Love it.

Texas' size is neutralizing Aldrich. Chapman gnats him into an offensive foul.

Balbay gets to the rim and can't convert. His man was playing a full two feet off of him and he still blows by. Shakes head.

Mason goes under ball screen and gives up a 3. You can't go under Justin, he's not Eaton. AJ answers in rhythm. Tie game.

Clint Chapman can't grab a board to save his life. He's needs to get in touch with Blake Griffin's pharmacist so he can grab a board.

Damion James is taking over. No call on a would-be and 1 to give DJ 16. On the other end, Chapman breaths on Taylor and there's a whistle. Tough to win a game here.

AJ Abrams basket, holy shit, and hits a little pull up. He can get that shot whenever he wants it. Balbay coast to coast glides into for 2. He probably could have yoked that one but he didn't want to offend Hilary Clinton.

Drive and a dime from Balbay. He's a socialist, and he's taking over.

I figured I'd be making a torta de carnitas by now, but Texas is in this. We're playing loose as can be.

I wish the KU fans would be quiet, I don't want them to wake up Damion.

Self capitulates and goes 2-3.

Texas executes a nice high low in the zone offense to get FT's for Dex.

Back to M2M for KU. Mason promptly blows by Morningstar for an easy layup. Time out KU.

Morningstar can't handle Mason, blow by and dime for Pittman

Nice entry pass by Connor to Pittman. Ft's. Where has this execution been all year?

Our size is bothering KU and Balbay is Joe Montana

Full capitulation by Self now as he goes to a junk. I couldn't tell what it was because our offense was so stagnant. Self has been stubborn and it's cost him dearly in the first half. Let's see how Texas attacks it.

Self back to M2M and Balbay is wrecking shit. Dex needs to finish better.

KU ends the half with a 7-0 run, sloppy ball by Texas. The good news is we're playing loose basketball on offense. Our size and quickness is bothering KU on the defensive end.

I'm going outside to make my boys do defensive slides as the neighbors look on in horror.

KU is now playing Collins in the paint to gum up cutters and the post. Balbay is now going to have to find a way to make KU pay.

James with two big ft's. Aldrich answers after a series illegal screens. Pittman misses a pup, again. Good grief.

Three horrible whistles or non whistles against Texas this half. Mason and James touch fouls, and no foul call for Dex on the double.

Chapman answers with a J.

Chapman with a board. Nice.

Mace in your face with what should have been an and 1. On the other end Atchley called for a touch foul after the kid walked. Tough place to play.

Clint fucking Chapman with the oop.

Another touch foul on Atchley. This is comical

Mason with the bank, I heard him call it.

Mason then loses his dribble like he's playing Amarillo Tascosa.

KU is playing a one man zone finally. No longer guarding Balbay 20 ft from the bucket.

Pittman is killing us.

Dex needs to quit worrying about Aldrich and just attack the rim. Cole can't handle him physically.

Johnson is giving us great minutes.

Does KU ever set a legal screen?

Nice high low attack entry pass from Johnson. Somewhere Bill Walton is smiling and rubbing John Wooden's magic penny.

Balbay is an athletic freak.

AJ forces another shot and it leads to a dunk on the other end. Jeebus.

Balbay with a huge block. And it takes a felony assault charge to draw a foul on KU. James with foul shots after he presses charges.

Taylor with a straight on banked 3. Fuck me.

I would start trapping Collins on the high ball screen and make someone else beat me. Without Collins on offense, KU is toast.

Pittman can't get a call.

We're settling for jumpers again, and we're not good when we do that.

Balbay is a Turkish Bobby Joe Hill!!!

AJ draws FT's and now we need a stop.

Morris shoves James across the lane on a board, no call. Morningstar hits a big 3 in transition.