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Colorado Post Game

This will be short and sweet because I only caught fleeting glimpses of the game.

It appeared that Colorado was outmanned all over the court and especially inside. This was not a surprise.

I would like to see Damian and Dexter go for 37 and 21 combined for the rest of March.

AJ played within himself. Offensive rebounding was remarkable.

We absolutely have to dominate inside for the rest of the month to have any chance of making some noise. Mainly because we aren't going to dominate outside.

I'd like to see Doge played under control, but I wouldn't tell him that because I want him aggressive.

Harrison Smith is actually starting to look comfortable out there.

Kansas State is at 2:00 again tomorrow, so it looks like a late lunch so I can catch the first half.

I really am just throwing this up here so we can get comments from people who actually got to watch the game.