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Mike Singletary Still Haunts the Aggies

Thirty years ago Mike Singletary helped Baylor to three straight wins over A&M.

This time around it was the basketball version of Mike Singletary who singlehandedly made the Aggies choke like Reveille on a steak bone.

With 18 minutes to go in tonight's Big 12 tournament game, A&M led Texas Tech 50-29. With 10:41 to go, the Aggies led the Red Raiders 60-50. Over the next 10:10 of the game, the score was

Texas Tech sophomore Mike Singletary 29
Texas A&M 18

Singletary rocked the Aggies for 43 points - 35 in the second half, as Tech overcame a 22-point deficeit to eliminate A&M 88-83. Singletary, a 6-5 sophomore who doesn't even start for the Red Raiders hit 14-20 from the field including 3-4 from three point range. He had all of 4 three pointers for the entire season before tonight.

The Aggies only felt like they were being run over by Singletary again, after the Red Raiders version scored 29 straight points on them in the 2nd half tonight.

The win moves Tech into the quarterfinals Thursday, while the loss makes the Aggies a little more nervous heading into Selection Sunday. It is true that no team with an RPI as good as A&M's (29 right now) has been left out of the tournament in over a decade. Still, this has gotta hurt.

Who says Conference Tournaments aren't worthwhile?