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Dexter Pittman is a man

Dexter's all grows up and he's all grows up and he's all grows up. Sexy Dexy put the Horns on his back and muscled them to a win over KSU with 19 points and 20 boards on 8-12 from the field, 3-6 from the line, and 4 big blocks. Texas won a physical contest against the Wildcats with big contributions from Varez Ward (9 points, 3 boards, and 2 blocks) and Clint Chapman (9 points). It was a damn good thing Varez and Clint showed up because Damian James, Gary Johnson, and AJ Abrams combined for 15 points.

Varez Ward needs to bring the Sam Cassell Testicle Dance to Big XII country, because the kid is absolutely fearless. After languishing on the bench and in Rick Barnes' dog house for two weeks, Varez came in and fearlessly attacked the basket when AJ went to the bench with foul trouble. If Varez can stay out of Rick's dog house, he can be the player we though Justin Mason would be this year.

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Varez has ginormous huevos like Sam I Am

With superior play from Dexter and good supporting roles from guys off the bench, this team just needs AJ and Damian to not shit the bed. Gary Johnson has lost his rhythm in the midrange game, and judging by a few glimpses of him jumping, his ankle is hurting him when he tries to get off the ground.

Baylor should feel like a Swedish massage after the brawl against K State. It will be interesting to see what Dexter has left in the tank, because I did not think we would see a career high in minutes (34) in the second game of the back to back. I did not think Dex had it in him. I don't think Dexter thought he had it in him. We were both wrong.

The good news is that AJ and Damian played relatively low minutes tonight, and Baylor's front court is weak enough that Damian should be able to handle the rebounding duties and give Big Dex a breather. After watching both Baylor games, I find it hard to believe they have it in them to beat us on what will also be their third straight day of basketball.

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