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Quick Recruting Update

Burnt Orange Beat ($) broke the news that DeSoto DB Adrian White is a Longhorn commit.

White had legit offers from Florida, LSU, Tennessee, OU, USC. Not bad.

Now consider that he is the DB I'm least impressed with of the group. That's how high I am on this DB class. Muschamp knows what he's looking for and I'm digging it.

That brings this class to 20 and I see us taking 3-5 more. We'll be holding those last scholarships dearly.

Saw Ross Apo's film on Orangebloods. He is literally playing against 5th graders on film shot by a Bigfoot researcher. Whatever. His athletic ability is legit, but if you think you have any idea how he would handle real competition, you're deluding yourself. Spare me the 7 on 7 faggotry. Our coaches absolutely love him though and you'd have thought he was Jerry Rice during our Junior Day.

DE Reggie Wilson will be deciding between Texas and TCU. Don't snicker. This is going to be a tough fight. The Wilsons are from West Africa and college football pedigree or scale of stage means nothing to them. TCU is close to home, Mama loves them, they love the small school environment, and TCU is pulling out all stops to make Wilson their bellcow.

So much for the pro-OU staff at Haltom delivering Wilson to OU as promised on a Sooner BBS.

I'm still optimistic on Jackson Jeffcoat and Darius White. Much less so on Jake Matthews, though I believe he wants to be at Texas. I find Seastrunk & Nelson fanciful at best. Our best hope is to confuse them sufficiently such that neither goes to OU.

We're probably not going to offer Evan Washington. We'll regret not taking a flyer on Deandrew White when he's starting for Florida.

Jordan Hicks is dependent on whether or not we puss out by taking a in-state guy so that we don't have to play the process out; Cobbs is entirely dependent on whether or not he makes a pilgrimmage down here this Spring. Trovon Reed is a pipe dream unless you see a transfer to Houston.

If we closed out with Wilson, Jeffcoat and White this is an extraordinary class.