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UNC falls to Florida State

Florida State is a team to be reckoned with in the tournament. They have really good size and athleticsm with Echefu, Alabi, and Singleton, and they have an explosive backcourt in Toney Douglas and Derwin Kitchen. Douglas is probably your tourney MVP.

Granted, Ty Lawson was out for this game, but given that, don't consider this game a fluke. Lawson played stellar against the Seminoles in a 3 point win at FSU during the regular season and FSU gave Duke all they wanted in two regular season games. Also, Leonard Hamilton's two talented freshmen are growing up. Alabi and Singleton are basically sophomores now.

The one matchup that would give them trouble would be a team that defends and rebounds. Teams like Michigan State, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, and Texas would be tough on FSU because they'd force FSU to shoot over the top and the size and athleticism those teams possess would neutralize FSU's size on the glass. Just food for thought for your brackets, Calcuttas, and confidence pools.