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Barking Carnival Basketball Blogpoll Ballot: 3.16.09

We'll do this ballot and then one after they cut them down in Detroit.

Rank Team Delta
1 Memphis 3
2 Louisville 3
3 Pittsburgh 1
4 Connecticut 1
5 North Carolina 4
6 Michigan St.
7 Duke 2
8 Oklahoma
9 Villanova 1
10 Syracuse 9
11 Missouri 4
12 Kansas 5
13 Wake Forest 2
14 Gonzaga 1
15 Purdue 9
16 Florida St. 9
17 Clemson 5
18 Washington 4
19 Xavier 2
20 Marquette
21 UCLA 5
22 Arizona St. 5
23 Butler 5
24 West Virginia
25 Utah
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Louisiana St. (#22), Brigham Young (#23).

1. Memphis...haven't lost in 3 months. Got a good 3 seed in their draw in Mizzou. Taggert and Dozier can check Lyons and Carrol.
2. Louisville. Win the tourney and regular season championship in the toughest conference and I'll reward you. Louisville better not overlook Siena, cause they can play, but Wake's guards loom large against the Ville pressure.
3. Pittsburgh. Still the class of the Big East. Should sleep walk through the region with a weak 4 and a weak 2.
4. Connecticut. Committee did them no favors by placing Memphis in their bracket, but I'd be shocked if they don't get to the regional final.
5. UNC Sorry, but Lawson ain't healthy. Hansbrough dedicates All Out of Love by Air Supply to Ty Lawson. The Heels are likely the first number 1 seed bounced if Lawson is dinged.
6. Michigan State The second best number 2 seed. Walton should be able to neutralize Sherron Collins of Kansas if the seeding plays out. They'd make life tough on Louisville's press as well.
7. Duke. Won the ACC thanks to UNC's upset. They're not a lock to get by Texas and certainly will struggle against guard centric Villanova who won't be bothered by their pressure.
8. Oklahoma. Griffin vs. Onewaku of Syracuse is a tough matchup for the Sooner forward, but the Orange play zone. That is, if the Sooners can get passed an under seeded Clemson club that should be a 5.
9. Villanova. The best of the three seeds with 3 terrific guards and a versatile post in Cunningham. They have to be ecstatic to get out of conference.
10. Syracuse. The Orange are one of the most talented teams in the country and playing great ball. No one wants to play them.
11. Mizzou. Lyons and Carrol cause matchup problems for frontcourts of most teams. Marquette in the second round has the fire power on the perimeter and two forwards that are comfortable playing away from the bucket. Get passed the Golden Eagles, and Memphis is a horrible matchup.
12. Kansas. First West Virginia and then Michigan State. Two of the best on ball defenses in the country. KU's prospects to get past the round of 16 are poor.
13. Wake. The best of the fours, should give Louisville all they want if they can get passed and upstart Cleveland State club.
14. Gonzaga. Is Heitvelt the difference? He seems to have given the Bulldogs and interior game since conference started. Can he do it out of conference?
15. Purdue. With Hummel healthy the Boilers are a different club. They can beat Washington, but UCONN will prison rape them.
16. Florida State. They ran out of gas against Duke ending a solid tourney run. Their size and athleticism along with one of the best go to guys in the nation in Tony Douglass give them a chance in every game.
17. Clemson. They deserved a 5 and are going to prove it when they knock off the Sooners. Raymond Sykes has the size and quickness to slow Griffin, allowing Booker to rebound and focus on offense. PG Stitt is the wild card.
18. Washington. I don't like their chances to get advance against Purdue, and Missy State has a shooter's chance to beat the Huskies.
19. Xavier. Are they bored with the A-10 or are they just not that good? Raymond and Brown are a solid combo, but losing to Temple scoring just 52 is troubling.
20. Marquette. If they can survive against Utah State, they match up very well with Mizzou.
21. UCLA. I like their guard play and supporting cast. They probably dying to get out of the Pac 10.
22. ASU. They play a matchup zone which may be enough to slow down Christmas of Temple. They'll then get crushed by the Orangemen who go against a zone everyday in practice.
23. Butler. Now we get to see what they're made of. They could be this year's Davidson if they can get by LSU and Ty Lawson is dinged.
24. West Virginia. Da'Shaun Butler and Alex Ruof are a great one two punch. They'll guard you too. They have the tools to beat Kansas.
25. Utah. Luke Nevill is a tough guard as a seven footer. Arizona's Jordan Hill will have his hands full. Lawrence Borha and Shaun Green hit over 40% from deep to take pressure off.