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Tournament Selection in game

First, Memphis got screwed by not getting the 1.

The Midwest

Louisville can't be happy with Wake on the four line and Michigan State on the two line. Gonna be tough to press those two into submission.

Kansas and Collins are going to struggle with Travis Walton's on ball defense.

Hell West Virginia is a tough team on the 6 line. Midwest is pretty brutal. That's how you treat the number 1 seed overall?

The West

Wow, TAMU gets the 9.

Wash Huskies are overseeded as a 4. With Purdue as a 5, UCONN has an easy road to the regional.

Memphis gets a break with Mizzou being placed on their 3 line. Dozier and Taggert can defend Carroll and Lyons and their propensity to float away from the bucket.

I also like Memphis being able to matchup with Mizzou and their open floor game or play in a half court setting. It's hard to envision Mizzou being able to turn Memphis into a jump shooting team.

The East

Cowboys with an 8. I guess the Horns might grab a 7. Pitt is a bad matchup for either Tenn or OSU.

FSU on the 5 line makes this a pretty tough top side of the bracket. FSU should be able to take care of XU.

Texas gets a terrific draw. They matchup well with both Minny and Duke.

Texas has also already beaten the Villanova who's on the 3 line. Couldn't ask for a better bracket.


UNC drawing a tough 8 seed in LSU. If Lawson is dinged, it's no bien por the azul de maricon.

Gonzaga is an interesting 4, I like Western Kentucky in this pairing.

Okie gets screwed with Clemson as a 7 seed. And with Syracuse and its athleticism and zone after that, I would say ou has its work cut out for it. Onewaku is much like Dex Pittman so Griffin has that going for him, which is nice.

A 3 seed or higher will get out of this region especially if Lawson is hobbled.