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Billy Clyde, Todd Wright, & Ty Lawson

Dude, I can get you a toe

If Ty Lawson isn't healthy, the Elite 8 is UNC's best aspiration. For all of the media's Tyler Hansborough love, he isn't the best player on Carolina's basketball team. Without Ty Lawson pushing the break, D'ing up, and dropping 15 points with 8 dimes, UNC is ripe for upset at the hands of whoever emerges from the Syracuse-Arizona St Sweet 16 battle.

I also don't like hearing "toe" as the culprit, unless it is preceded by the word "camel" and "5:30 pm Happy Hour at Outback." I'd rather hear "ankle", "upper pancreas", or "cloaca." My Louisville-North Carolina final may need to be revisited. Toes heal about as capably as Paula Abdul's psyche.


Some believe that Billy Clyde Gillispie is done at Kentucky. Needless to say, BCG's time at Kentucky has been tumultuous and the humiliation of a NIT bid is something Kentucky fans can barely countenance. This is the football equivalent of Texas playing Central Michigan in the Motor City Bowl. Or Iowa State losing a non-conference game to Austin Westlake.

As for this:

From the outsider’s perspective, the only true qualification that Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie seemed to have was that he was whiter than Tubby Smith.


That's such a lazy, pre-packaged East Coast media byte. I'm shocked it wasn't penned by Mike Lupica.

Except for this pesky fact: presumably one cannot fire a black coach without having first hired a black coach. It's not like Tubby rode into Rock Ridge unannounced, the warning cries of a Lexington drunken frontiersman drowned out by church bells. Tubby wasn't annointed head coach at Kentucky by a Reconstruction era good works program post-civil war. He was interviewed, assessed, and hired...BY RACIST CRACKERS!

Tubby was pressured out because the program - and its lifeblood, recruiting - significantly degraded under his tenure. If you're not going to Final 4s, Kentucky fans will call you a moving van. That's how they roll in the Blue Grass State.

As for our friend BCG, the rumors about Billy Clyde's personal conduct are so outrageous and pervasive (one of the best: Alex Legion transferred because he found out that Billy Clyde was nailing his girlfriend) that if even half of them are true, you'll be able to understand why Billy Clyde still hasn't signed his UK contract. Moral turpitude clauses are pesky things.

This will all end badly. Matt Doherty but with far more venom.


Finally, Todd Wright.

A nice article on our not-so-secret weapon. My biggest concern with Wright is that he may represent an unsustainable advantage. As his acolytes are hired across the country and his methods become the dominant dogma, I'm curious if we'll see some of our competitive advantage eroded.