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Halftime Thoughts

Dogus is killing us when he doesn't look for offense either off the bounce or just shooting. He's two for two, he has some shooting cred, it's time to use it. Wrap your head around this, we're giving Dogus ballscreens 15 from the bucket, and defenders are still going under the screen. Shoot the Ball Doge!!

Dexter Pittman can only be stopped by Doge's man helping.

Damion James' jumpers are fool's gold. He needs to get to the rack especially with Minnesota's Johnson on the bench. He's the most athletic player on the floor and it's not close. Everytime DJ shoots a 3 out of rhythm, CTJ shits a golden statue of Scottie Brooks and sets a Mikan drill on fire.

Why do we guard Minnesota 30 ft from the bucket? If we'd just keep them in front and then contest, the Gophers would struggle. Westbrook and Nolen are too small to get good looks over our athletes consistently. Give them some cushion and contest the shot.

Where were these illegal screen fiending officials against KU? Aldrich would have fouled out in 8 possessions.

Now I understand why we don't press. We don't do any facet of the press well.

I love the ballscreen set with AJ Abrams designed to attack the weakside. Damion James was able to get an easy layup.

I like what Varez has done at the point. He's played steady, and the defense respects his shooting ability which opens up the floor.

Let's loosen up and play ball. We should be up 10 this game.