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Exciting Big 12 Basketball News

Calipari to Kentucky will have impacts throughout the basketball recruiting world and coaching hires.


Our favorite water dwelling rap mammal looks at the ripple effects felt at Kentucky, Memphis, the John Wall bidding recruiting war, Lance Stephenson, Xavier Henry and a number of other elite recruits.

Bottom line winner: Kentucky. Who will soon be ass deep in elite recruits (and cash dropoffs).

Bottom line loser: Baylor. The cuckolded husband who married a coked-up stripper for her inheritance only to find out that she was dead broke all along. Surprising. Baylor always struck me as so street wise.

Dwon Clifton introduces Baylor to 3 Card Monte

One area of dispute with our KU friend though is with this frequently repeated nugget:

I would be shocked if Memphis keeps any of their big commitments as the players had the foresight to include a clause that immediately releases them from their commitment when Cal leaves.

Hmm. No. A player claiming an amended LOI doesn't make it so. The number of amended LOI's in the history of college athletics Now, Memphis could choose to release these players, and I have no doubt that many promises were made - maybe someone even wrote it down on Dukes of Hazzard stationery with a crayon - but the notion that these players have opt-out clauses in their LOI is implausible at best. Their commitment is to the school. There are no official contingencies. Period. No matter what they, their uncle, their AAU handler, or their street agent says.

That written, Memphis will be under enormous pressure to release these players. One or two may have also been clever enough to holding off on signing their LOI as well.


Mike Anderson - much sought after by a number of programs after his great run at UAB and Mizzou this season - isn't going anywhere. That's big news for Mizzou after this year's 30+ wins and an Elite Eight run.


Care to guess the Top 10 basketball programs of the '00s?

Texas is #9.

How could that be with Texas A&M splitting their series with Texas the last four years? Doesn't that put their program at parity? I is so confuse!?!


Watch the future of college basketball and Texas signee Avery Bradley tonight on ESPN at the McDonald's All-America Game. You'll be able to spot Avery as the only player playing defense in an All-Star game.