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J'Covan Is In The J'Clearinghouse

He could join the team in June. Obviously, that would create a scholarship crunch, but that's a problem we'd like to have.

J'Covan is a 6-2 combo guard and he has a true scorer's mentality. Strong body, good range on his J, can finish and handle. He'll need to learn to commit to defense and he's a major league hothead, but I'm going to go out on a limb and venture that Rick Barnes is probably the best coach in America for him in dealing with those two areas.

Scouts Inc wrote this about him:

This young man can flat out score. He does a great job of pushing the ball in transition and will either finish the play himself or find a teammate for an easy score. When he gets his defender on his hip it's all over (tremendous speed and quickness). With his strength and size he finds his way into the lane and possesses good body control. He can finish with either hand and does a nice job of feeding the post. He is more of a natural scorer at this point of his career, but has the savvy to play the point guard in the future.

Adding him to the Jordan Hamilton, Avery Bradley, Shawn Williams class would give Texas the best group of young skill players in Texas basketball history.