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Findlay Prep upsets Oak Hill: Player Thoughts

Focusing on the Texas kids.

Avery Bradley had a solid game before fouling out midway through the fourth quarter. The DQ was set up by back to back offensive fouls in the third. Avery displayed his patented midrange game and even hit a deep three to spark Findlay's big 3rd quarter run. What was striking to me was Avery's ability to drop down in the paint, grab a board, and then go 0-60 in the blink of an eye for coast to coast buckets. Just f'ng electric. Reminds me of a young Corey Maggette in that he's so explosive that sometimes he gets ahead of himself which leads to offensive fouls. As he continues to polish his game, he'll learn when to slow things down and when to go turbo. Defensively, he's such a tremendous leaper that he gets into guys' jumpers and forces misses. I thought he bothered Momo Jones and a couple of Oak Hill Shooters with his athleticism out of the zone. Not quite a lead guard at this point, but the day is coming with a little more polished handle. He's already got the leader component down.

Tristan Thompson. Kid's a pogo stick, but looks like a colt out there trying to grow into his body. Has excellent touch for a big man. He'll improve in leaps and bounds once Wright gets some good weight on his long frame. Already a basketball player from a skill standpoint, just needs to get stronger.

Keith Gallon is one of the most interesting players you'll see, because he's actually a solid perimeter player trapped in a 300 pound body. He just destroyed Findlay on the boards when he wanted to, but it seemed conditioning was a problem for him because he disappeared for stretches, and then lived on the perimeter in the second half. If Capel lights a fire under his ass, he can be a special player for OU posing matchup nightmares for most teams because he can step out and hit 3's or post up most any post player. Defensively, he's an uninterested sloth. He seems to despise contact inside and allowed Findlay drivers to get to the rack with impunity. Offensively, he's got all the tools, especially for such a big kid. His career path should be an interesting ride.

Nice to see Thompson and Bradley throw up the Hook 'EM in the post game interviews.