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Random Thoughts from The Disch

I am a slacker. It is April 8th and I only saw my first Horns baseball game yesterday. I am mired in an awful seven consecutive weekends of out-of-town engagement parties and weddings. While I appreciate drinking other people's booze as much as the next man (some would say rather more), hungover Sunday afternoons at The Disch sweating in the bleachers with a sausage wrap and a bag of fine roasted peanuts is one of my very favorite rites of spring here in Austin.

1) TCU fans really showed up for this. It is amazing how many Horned Frogs end up in Austin post college.

2) Cole Green looks like a solid pitcher that doesn't have an out pitch. In the majors, they would call him Russ Ortiz.

3) Austin Dicharry's straight change up sapped the will of the TCU hitters. His arm action seems livelier (like he is really bearing down for a heater) on his change than it does on his fastball.

4) As efficient and deadly as Dicharry was, Taylor Jungmann was the nail in the coffin. TCU didn't even look competitive.

5) There was some serious talent on display at UFCU Disch Falk Field last night, and I ain't talking about between the chalk. The sororrity girls had the big league fastballs pumping last night. You know Texas is stacked when they can trot that kind of lineup out on a Tuesday in April for a college baseball game.

6) Comedy is watching baseball players try to dig in at the plate. Dig in to orange field turf that is.

7) That Augie Garrido makes a wicked Manhattan.

8 ) Tommie Harmon is starting to resemble Max Patkin.

9) Kevin Keyes is starting to look comfortable at the plate. Not may guys hit line drives over the 405 sign in right center. He took pitches, fouled off other pitches, and generally looked like a hitter instead of a big athletic guy with a bat. His RBI single was even more impressive to me than his home run. He completely stayed within himself and layed the big part of the bat on an inside and up fastball to drive the runner in. If this kid gets going, Texas could get scary good.

10) A heartfelt thank you to the young woman that wondered around lost in our section for the entire second inning in a sheer top and no bra. Can y'all let me know how the second went?

11) In a related development, I am a dirty old man.

12) Note to scorekeeper: That wasn't a triple. That was Tim Maitland not knowing whether he could catch the sinking liner, then deciding he would just run hard at it anyway and not get in front. That was a single with a two base E7.

13) For shame food vendor. Only one full concession stand open? You robbed me of nachos and a chopped beef sandwich. My mind decries this foul treatment. My aorta is thankful, though.

14) I would have murdered small childrens for a beer in the 5th inning. The Disch is across 35, can't we say that it isn't on campus? There is a loophole here to exploit, and I want that loophole exploited now. (Did that sound kinda dirty to you? Ya, me too.)

15) We have an inordinate number of little people on this team. I wonder if Keyes and Belt hold their heads while the dwarfs swing away harmlessly.

All in all, a good performance by the Horns against the #18 TCU Horny Toads. A good midweek RPI booster is nice, and Augie might have the boys headed in the right direction (won 7 out of the last 9).