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"Athletic Director Garrett, Myles Brand on line 1."

Came across this today at Bruins Nation.

The NCAA, apparently looking for economies of scale, has combined the OJ Mayo and Reggie Bush investigations into one giant dragnet trying to get to the bottom of USC's alleged widespread and systematic corruption.

I'm sensing a vast cover up and stonewalling effort! From the WWL:

The NCAA and a Pac-10 investigator declined to comment, while Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hanson could not be reached for comment, the Times reported.

USC basketball coach Tim Floyd said he hasn't talked to the NCAA since May and has "never, ever heard" that the investigations were being combined, the Times reported. Football coach Pete Carroll could not be reached for comment, according to the report.

Apparently they were all lifting.

Pete Carroll later responded via Twitter and said:

!!!!!!! Fight ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a more hypocritical organization than the NCAA? Does anybody think the NCAA will ever do anything to damage the cash cow that is college basketball? Let's have a discussion about what the NCAA actually does (other than pay Myles Brand a shitload of money) and what it should do. What should their role be? Should teams tell them to take a hike and start the srr50 super conference?

I throw this out in the hopes that we can have a discussion as I am really curious to get the Barkers and the big brains in the audience's opinions.