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2009-2010 Bracketology

Joe Lunardi has us as a 5 seed. Perhaps Joe should have his intern give Andy Katz's intern a call. Katz daddy has Texas as preseason number 4. He also has better hair and a winning smile.

Lunardi is a pedantic asshat for seeding Texas lower than an Oklahoma club that is losing Austin Johnson, The Big Pharma Brothers, and now possibly Willie Warren. We know him here at the Carnival as "Who Shot?!!" Willie Warren. Warren might turn pro because he thinks it's cool to make it rain from the second floor of your local mall.

Seriously, though, Lunardi is fine. It's actually an honest mistake especially if you watched Texas' monumental offensive struggles last season. The inclination to make Texas no better than a top 20 team is a function of not realizing how truly handicapped last year's squad was on the offensive end. Next year, when the Horns lose ball games, it'll be due to gross inexperience and youthful mistakes. Not because the team has 4 non-shooters and 1 black hole.

Make no mistake, next year is going to be special if guys like Bradley and Jordan are as advertised. Throw in creative offensive talent like J'Covan Brown, shooters like Jai Lucas and Shawn Williams, and a surprise return from Damion James, and Texas has a chance to run the table and win the conference. Did I also mention the Horns will have the nation's premiere low post player?