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A Quick Tidbit on Damion James

Talked to my guy, and after the banquet, word is that Damion James is still leaning towards returning. DJ wants a ring, he wants a degree, and he's disappointed in where he's projected in the draft currently.

With Damion returning, Texas would arguably have the best frontcourt in America. It would certainly be one of the deepest with Gary Johnson, Alex Wangmene, and Clint Chapman coming off the bench.

The backcourt would be the envy of every halfcourt minded defensive coach to ever carry a whistle or throw a chair. Bob Knight, Tom Izzo, Ben Howland, you name 'em, would kill to have a group that included Balbay, Ward, Mason, and Bradley. Four long, strong, intelligent lock down on-ball defenders.

Like pressing? Yes, we're deep with athletes.

Shooters? Got 'em. Ballhandlers? Check. Toughness? In Spades.

This Texas squad will roll out a 5 that's too big for your 5, a 4 who's too quick and athletic for your 4, a 3 with an offensive game to play in the League today, a 2 that will shut down your 2 on one and then punish his lazy ass on the other, and a 4 headed pg monster that can mix and match shooting, creativity, size, and strength to exploit whatever you're trying to do at that position. Four capable lead guards, 3 Travis Waltons, two long range shooters, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Texas basketball is going to be disgustingly good next season.