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Dienhart Rates the Non-BCS Coaches


First- I think Dienhart is a good college football reporter. Second, I recognize that the coaches at the non-BCS programs are often doing amazing coaching jobs. Still, let's have some fun with this. I have not copied the whole article (that would be wrong), but only excerpts and I have added comments in italics. Maybe you can add some goes...

3. Chris Petersen, Boise State. Unlike Houston Nutt, Dirk Koetter and Dan Hawkins, Petersen looks firmly rooted in Boise. (is that a compliment?)

5. June Jones, SMU. He's about to make SMU relevant again. (We'll see. That's all SMU has been waiting for- a good enough coach. Sure.)

6. Skip Holtz, East Carolina. He has escaped his father's shadow and will pick his next job. (as opposed to the rest of America's coaches, who take posts where the Central Party Committee assigns them)

7. Pat Hill, Fresno State. He has done more with less than anyone. It makes you wonder what he could accomplish at a "Big Six" school. (What exactly is "more"? And since when does "the JC transfers too dumb for the PAC-10" equate to "less"?)

8. Brady Hoke, San Diego State. A tough guy with a relentless work ethic, Hoke will wake this slumbering program that teems with potential. (A tough guy with a relentless work ethic? Chuck Long, you have been called out)

11. Todd Graham, Tulsa. A fast-rising coach who knows how to build a program. Next stop: a "Big Six" school. (Because Tulsa defines "fast rising". Good thing they didn't hire one of those coaches who don't know how to build a program)

17. Mike Price, UTEP. He has succeeded at "outpost" jobs because of his fertile offensive mind. (Ha-ha. "fertile". I saw what you did there, Deinhart)

19. Frank Solich, Ohio. He has taken all of that knowledge gleaned at Nebraska and enjoyed a solid run in Athens, Ohio. (It's come to this. 30 years as a key assistant coach at one of the legendary programs is now reduced to "gleaning knowledge")

23. J.D. Brookhart, Akron. He has built an all-star staff that could put the Zips over the top in the MAC. (all star staff? The Zips aren't the only thing over the top)

41. Mario Cristobal, Florida International. If he were a stock, Cristobal would have a "buy" rating. He's young, smart, motivated and energized. (These are the worst conferences in D-1A. Don't any of these guys suck?)

48. Mike Haywood*, Miami University. He almost got the Houston job. Now, Haywood gets to show his stuff at a school where you can win. (You know this is the same guy who screwed up the RB position at Texas)

Trivia time- I count nine of these guys (on the full list) who have been head coaches in one of the bowls that now make up the BCS (Fiesta, Rose, Sugar, Orange). Can you name them?