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Longhorn Updates: Colt, Baseball, Basketball Recruits, Orakpo @ NFL Draft

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It's Texas/OU this weekend and it will go a long way in determining the conference champion and our regional hosting-ness, assuming the weather doesn't sabotage it.

We have a good chance of taking 2 out of 3 now that we've been roused from our lumber slumber. The Horns currently possess the best ERA of any pitching staff in college baseball (Arizona State is the only other college pitching staff that is sub 3.00) with an amazing 2.12 ERA, a number barely exceeding my freshman GPA.

OU hasn't taken a baseball series from us since 1998.

Brandon Belt has been on fire. On the season, he now boasts a .574 SLG and an outstanding .443 OBP. Kevin Keyes isn't far behind at .526 SLG and .422 OBP. Connor Rowe is a 170 pound Harmon Killebrew (.588 SLG, .286 OBP, 0 BB(!) and 9 SOs in Big 12 play), and it would help us greatly were he a tad more judicious in his pitch selection. I threw a copy of Moneyball to him down at his ankles and he took three swings at it.



Jordan plays for Jordan

Don't forget that Avery Bradley and Jordan Hamilton will play together in the Jordan Classic this Saturday at 7pm Central on ESPN2. If you've been reader of Barking Carnival, I think you now understand that Avery Bradley is a serious talent. I think you're going to enjoy watching Jordan Hamilton too. 6-7 230 pound point forwards with range on their 3 and great passing skills aren't common in high school. Or college. Or the NBA.


In related news, several Aggie signees will be playing in the Jordache Classic.



The Texas state legislature has passed a resolution that Colt McCoy is a badass who scores hot girlfriends, wins big games, gets good grades, saves people from drowning, and is Roger Staubach's illegitimate son.

Taking this as a deliberate swipe at Tebow Child, Florida politicians responded forcefully.


Fun with Godzillatron. Much like our naming of the Q Package and the naming of the Pryor-Boeckmann package, I anticipate quality mockery here.


Orakpo is going to The Big Apple for the NFL Draft. I'm pretty confident that he goes in the Top 10. Let's hope his injury history doesn't get him Aaron Rodgersed. He's the eighth Brown era player to get the special draft red carpet.

The invited will have a strong Big 12 flavor:

The other eight players scheduled to be in New York are WR Michael Crabtree (Texas Tech), LB Aaron Curry (Wake Forest), LB Brian Cushing (USC), QB Josh Freeman (Kansas State), OT Eugene Monroe (Virginia), OT Michael Oher (Mississippi), OT Jason Smith (Baylor) and QB Matthew Stafford (Georgia).

In my mind, Wake Forest's Aaron Curry is the safest pick in the entire draft. Though curry isn't always a safe pick, if you're easily prone to stomach upset.


If you'd like to know what Henry James' Barking Carnival audition was like three years ago, I've posted some rare video of that process. He sings like an angel!