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Some Thoughts on the Jordan Classic

Jordan Hamilton's debut was predictably rusty. The good news is that Jordan has all the tools and the willingness to use them. Forced some shots but who doesn't in games like this? Hamilton showed a nice handle, a fluid release shooting the ball, and the willingness to defend. He reminds me of Georgetown's Reggie Williams. Smooth and long. His ability to create for others a huge plus.

Hamilton has a silky smooth release.

Speaking of old school Georgetown, props to Bradley for rocking the old school G-town undershirt. You'll have a tough time finding a better finishing two guard in this class. You certainly won't find a better defensive two. Bradley is Bradley and congratulations again to him for being rated the number 1 player in the Scout 100...

But he's not the number one player, sorry. That spot belongs to John Wall if anyone's looking at this objectively. Wall is a 6-3 TJ Ford, who can get anywhere on the floor anytime he wants with the dribble. He handles like Kenny Anderson, is as quick as Stephon Marbury, and has great size for a pg. He's also unselfish if tonight's ball game was any indication. If he goes to Kentucky I'll actively mock people with pinky rings whenever I see them. If he goes to Baylor, I'll take shots in front of my Pastor and tell him it's God's will. If he goes to Duke, I'll try out for quarterback at Michigan State. Wall is just f'n sick. I would have loved to see Bradley guard him.

Tiny Gallon is sloth-like tub of goo who can shoot the hell out of the ball. Capel will have his hands full trying to get this kid to do anything other than hang out on the perimeter and look for 3's. Defense? pfffff.

If I was Michael Jordan I'd have spanked Marcus at halftime for rocking the Kurt Rambis goggles. Can dad get some low hanging shorts, ankle socks, and tongue wagging? It's his exhibition afterall.

Wall is a blur with the ball in his hands.

Kenny Boynton is nice. He'll make Florida fans forget about Nick Calathes.

TMG is a better player than people think. Byron Eaton with a J.

Mason Plumlee is Joey Beard.

Royce White, kid going to Minnesota impressed me. He's already got a college junior's body and he gets down and dirty on the defensive end. Perfect player for the Big 10, but he can score like an ACC forward.

Reynardo Sidney defends like he's playing a game of HORSE.

If Xavier Henry goes to Kansas, I'll put a hit out on HenryJames. I hate how Xavier's name is pronounced more than I hate the way HenryJames uses European style spelling.