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Aggie National Championship

It's called domination.

A&M has now won 6 of the last 7 poultry judging national championships for a total of 23 overall.

The team also took first place in the egg production division and the breeder selection division, and second place in the market products division.

No surprise there: the smart money expected A&M to dominate egg production. Second place in the market products division is actually a good showing - you can't just expect to beat South Dakota St in their field of expertise. The surprise here, of course, is how easily the Aggies won the breeder selection division.

For the fifth time in a row, the top contestant was an Aggie. Mallori Williams of Refugio was the high individual overall winner and won third place in the breeder selection division, the egg production division and the market products division.

Mallori didn't win any individual event though. Illustrating the Aggie way of winning: superior meat-judging depth and Aggie spirit.

Nathan Fuchs of Cameron took third place individual overall. Brian Zbikowski of Rockdale won fifth place overall, and Joshua Garcia of La Vernia took sixth place in the egg production division.

Nathan correctly identified that one of the hens had gotten into an onion patch. Future line manager at Tyson, IMHO!

Look, I know these are just kids, but I expected more from Zbikowski. How is it he can tell a giblet from a wing at thirty paces in practice while filing his nails, but when you get him in the meat locker in front of the cameras, with the Yell Leaders leading cheers, he melts down to 5th? Goddamn you, Zbikowski. You're like the Reggie McNeal of meat-judging. Are you afraid of their talons?

The Wall Street Journal also had an expose on the pressure-filled, shadowy world of meat judging.

What price victory?