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Breaking Down the Big 12 Draft

Good work from our Missouri friends at Atomic Teeth in breaking down the Big 12 draft.

Were you surprised that Missouri had the most guys drafted in 2009?

How about the fact that it is Nebraska - not Oklahoma - that has the second highest number of guys in the NFL currently?

If you're even a moderately enterprising sort, you should be able to win a few bar bets with that info.

As for our boys:

Orakpo is now a millionaire in Washington. Playing next to Albert Haynesworth won't suck.

Miller went to a very good situation in Tampa Bay in the 3rd.

Melton went in the 4th to Chicago and his very best football is still ahead of him.

Chris O goes in the 7th to St Louis.

Quan Cosby will sign as a FA with Cincinnati. He'll make that roster. Right now he's pissed off with a chip on his shoulder and that will fuel his play.

What do you reckon?