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Update On Damion James' Draft Projection

In the initial projection article we took a look at some internet mock drafts. NBA had Damion going to the Kings at 24, NBA Draft Press had James going to the Cavs at 30, My NBA Draft had DJ falling into the second round.

Fast forward a month and projections have changed for the athletic forward. Draft Express now has DJ going to the Heat with the 13th pick in the second round.

NBA Draft Press has moved Damion up two spots from 30 to 28 since its April update.

And finally, DJ's biggest interweb mock draft supporter, NBA, has Damion out of the draft altogether. That's either due to Damion not signing with an agent, or NBA thinking, as some folks think, that James will struggle finding a position or even a niche when he makes the jump to the League.

The good news for James is that the League Office has made some format adjustments to this year's NBA pre-draft camp in Chicago two weeks from now. Instead of game situation intensive 5 on 5 style workouts, a format that is likely to expose Damion's weaknesses, the League will switch to a format comprised of light skill workouts, physical testing, and player interviews.

In other words, James won't have to worry about playing in NBA scrimmages that would reveal his lack of a true position, low basketball IQ, and inability to handle the ball and get his own shot against true small forwards and shooting guards. Instead, James will be tested on what he does best, running, jumping, and shooting. Mike Mamula made millions of dollars because he tested well running, jumping, and lifting.

The little I'm hearing on the subject is that Damion is about 50/50 right now on coming back and that's mainly because no one has told him definitively that he'll be a first round pick. If he gets a first round indication from a couple of NBA personnel folks, he's gone. If the second round stuff lingers as it has for the last couple months, I'd expect James back in Austin to make a run for it all. Time will tell.