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New USC Recruiting Shit

The WWL sees more smoke in the vicinity of Watts.

We've been keeping an eye on this here and here.

This story is full of insight like:

If Floyd did pay Guillory for delivering Mayo to USC, that would be a major NCAA violation.

Apparently USC general counsel Carol Mauch Amir declined comment, probably because this story sounds like like a bad pot boiler.

Johnson said the payment occurred in 2007. Johnson was not present for the actual exchange, but Guillory reportedly told him that they were meeting Floyd to receive money that they could spend at All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas. Johnson saw Guillory meet Floyd outside a cafe and drove around the block. When he picked up Guillory 15 minutes later he was shown the envelope containing money.

Does anybody really think Tim Floyd would act as his own bag man?

Johnson's attorney opined:

"Our sense is that something is imminent. I think the NCAA is very close to concluding their investigation. I would say it's looming large and soon."

Again, color me skeptical that the NCAA's toothless gaggle of castrati really come after a storied program but we'll keep our eyes peeled for the coppers!