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I Hope Rhett Bomar Has a Long NFL Career

For Longhorn fan he's the gift that keeps on giving. And if you're a crimson and cream flunky, Rhett's the scarlet letter serving as a constant reminder of OU's history of illegal inducements, transgressions, and general asshattery that is the hallmark of Sooner nation. If the New York football Giants fitted Bomar's helmet with a mobile home logo it would be less embarassing to this outlaw program than interviews like these.

Allow me to highlight a few snippets from this NYTimes article that evidently alluded Thayer Evans' Big Chief edit crayon. You can find your favorite sooner counterpoints on cheating threads here and here.

Bomar’s father, Jerry Bomar, said in a telephone interview that his son "was treated like a rock star" at Oklahoma and "lost consciousness of what was right and wrong." Jerry added, "He had the world by the tail and had it yanked out."

Yep, he and backup lineman JD Quinn were rockstars and guys like Adrian Peterson and Rufus Alexander sham-wowed the hell out of Big Red cars for their dollar.

Ferguson and Jerry Bomar said Rhett could have revealed more to the N.C.A.A. for a lighter punishment. Ferguson said Rhett told him there were "multiple people involved in this."

I've got to hear how sooner nation reconciles the above statement with the self-reporting douchebaggery they try to rationalize the Big Red scandal with. It's not like Jerry Bomar, Jim Ferguson, and the New York Times are in the tank for the University of Texas. Hilarious.

Jerry Bomar said, "The N.C.A.A. came in to interview him and tried every way in the world to get him to rat them out and he wouldn’t do it."

Hmmmm. I wonder why. Well Jerry Bomar clears this little matter up with the following double entendre.

Jerry Bomar said they were bitter at the time and he told Rhett, "You ought to. But he wouldn’t. We’re not low-rent people here."

No, more like high rent, I'm sure. Especially when the check cleared.

"It was a pretty high price to pay," Jerry Bomar said.

I'm sure it was, Jerry. But for whom?