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Sooner Forward Juan Patillo Dismissed

For violating team rules. Speculation on the interwebs is that the violation is related to academics which in sooner speak means Patillo pimp slapped a professor or shanked an academic counselor.

Any loss of depth at forward sucks for Tiny Gallon. The portly freshman will now be forced into playing iron man basketball. In other words, he'll have to get back on defense for particularly important possesions of ballgames.

It sucks when Ryan Wright is the only other competent forward returning for your team next season. I'm heart broken for Keith Gallon, Sooner nation, and the coloring book in which Juan Patillo failed to stay within the lines.

So, here's your trail of tears starting five:

PG Tommy Mason-Griffin
SG Willie Warren
C Tiny Gallon
PF Ryan Wright
SF Tony Crocker

Ouch. Not much defensive firepower or rebounding ability out of that bunch. They'll have to shoot the ball really well to win ballgames against the better teams in conference. There's a solid chance Capel takes a mid level ACC gig after next season's struggles.