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Bob Stoops. "Know excuses."

A whine fest from the coach formerly known as a no nonsense, no excuse man's man. Courtesy of the Tulsa World News.

Keep in mind that after half a dozen disappointing bowl losses including a 55-10 national championship pantsing by USC and a loss to a full TD underdog LSU, Stoops is reduced to whining about the media not mentioning well, uh, excuses for his last two bowl losses. Evidently Demarco Murray's absence or the absence of five starters in the bowl loss vs. West Virginia should have been shouted from the rooftops by media outlets everywhere. Or as Bob Stoops would say, the media needs to throw him and his excuse laden team a bone. It wasn't enough that his team continually gets boned between the white lines in games vs teams with any semblance of a defense.

Of course what Stoops conveniently leaves out is the abject bullshit lottery of events that allowed his team to get to the conference and national championships to begin with. A sixty yard field goal in the snow from a Nebraska kicker, a computer pollster that doesn't punish teams for scheduling division I-aa opponents, among a confluence of other impractical and improbable events ranging from incomprehensible to nefarious if you closely follow historical performances of teams like Cincinnati and voting habits of Big 12 coaches.

Yes, Bob, we know Demarco Murray ruptured a hammy. Certainly a rare occurrence for a running back trained by a steroid freak. Almost as rare as winning a tie breaker against an opponent that dominated you on a neutral field by double digits.