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Texas baseball wins Big 12 tournament

Texas beat Missouri 12-7 yesterday to win the Big 12 tournament for the second straight year. And they could probably care less.

When Augie Garrido was asked to reflect on the title, he replied "I've already moved on."

And Cameron Rupp let everyone know the difference between Texas and pretty much every other school out there. "You see a lot of teams dogpile out here and you see it at the super regional, but we know that's not our main goal," Rupp said. "Yeah, it's great to win a championship, but you've got to treat it like another game. There are bigger things up ahead."

Exactly the right mindset this team should have as it starts the NCAA tournament with a home regional this weekend.

They've now won 12 of 14 after going 0-2-1 against Kansas State at the end of April.