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Texas 14, Army 10

What a great weekend of baseball.

Clark bunts over the wall!

We score 8 runs in the ninth after a key bases loaded double by Brandon Loy to tie it up followed by Preston Clark's sacrifice bunt that travels 370 feet over the wall for a grand slam and the win.

You have to tip your cap to Army, who played with great heart and effort. You can just see those guys soaking up every moment of big-game atmosphere as well as relishing the opportunity to be around attractive co-eds in warm weather. Any good Texas girl should offer herself up to the cadets tonight; if not, she wants the terrorists to win and should be targeted for speedy rendition.

The clutchy clutchness of Austin Wood, Brandon Loy and Preston Clark aside, I want to win the national championship. So take these comments in that vein:

Over-bunting continues to be a governor on this offense. It's not just about the fact that it mocks the importance of an out - and outs are the most important thing in baseball - but those who pretend it's a ticket to automatic runner advancement didn't pay a lot of attention this weekend. We missed out on a lot of runs this weekend because we had people batting with bases loaded with two outs. Like every other inning. Guess where those outs came from?

If you point to 14 runs as your retort, I may have to give you a powerpoint presentation on the concept of maximization and make you rewatch the buntless 9th.

We will face TCU (winners over Oregon St, 5-4) in next week's super regional. We should be able to handle them. Let's hope our pitching holds, Austin Wood's arm regenerates, and we let our batters swing their sticks. Cameron Rupp, Kevin Keyes, Brandon Belt, and (of late) Preston Clark all have a little pop. Let's let 'em show it.

Hook 'em.