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J'Covan Brown to Begin Classes

It looks like Brown is going to play this fall pending any surprise j'clearinghouse issues as he's reportedly starting classes at Texas on June 9th according to a report Deadliest Warrior. I'm thinking William Wallace vs. Attila the Hun. Offensively, he's a lot like Daniel Gibson, with perhaps more ability to create off the dribble. Defensively, he needs to learn to bring it, and I think Barnes is just what the doctor ordered for him here. Barnes is also the perfect tonic for what ails J'Covan between the ears. Brown needs a disciplinarian figure in his life if he's going to right his emotional ship once and for all. He's a PA kid through and through.

As for the numbers, Texas will need to find a way to make it work even if James stays in the draft. Word is DJ's still 50/50, after putting on a second round performance in his individual workouts.

Still, either way, Brown coming aboard is great news for the Horns. His presence doesn't just shore up the perimeter offensive weaknesses that plagued the team last season, it makes the Texas backcourt a team strength