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Quick Example of Why Doge Balbay is a Threat on Next Year's Team

@BryanBennett brought up a point on this thread that I wanted to expand on.

Dogus will be be a perimeter threat with or without a credible jumper. This is why.

Imagine Balbay turning the corner on a pick and pop with Jordan Hamilton. Let's think about it. Hedging forward (Hamilton's man) slides out to allow Balbay's defender to come under the screen, but the hedging forward is more concerned with getting out on Hamilton's 3 ball off the pop because Jordan's hit 3 of 4 from deep and the opposing coach has threatened to revoke the kid's long distance calling privileges and free gas card if Hamilton isn't contested. So the forward leaves his hedge early.

Opposite block has a poor kid who's giving up 50 pounds to Pittman and is more concerned with Dexter getting his 5th dunk than sliding over to stop penetration. Strongside wing is distracted by a conversation about how Avery Bradley's nuts smelled when the forward tried to step in and take a charge on Avery's dunk a possession ago.

Damion James waits on the wing, knowing the opposing team's 3rd best defender can't keep him from tomahawking any miss from the other four. If you're a realist, replace James with Alexis or Chapman.

But back to our pick and pop. Doge gets the blow by because that's what Doge does. An average player simply cannot get in front of the Turk without solid hedge help. And this year, Doge uses his 40 inch vert to finish or find.