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Steve Lavin on NBA Combine and Damion James

A couple of interesting points made by the former UCLA head man.

First and foremost, and I agree with his assessment here, but he laments the new NBA combine format that focuses on individual drills and workouts instead of scrimmaging which places an emphasis on team skills and basketball IQ. I agree, and I feel that this format has allowed Damion to stay in the discussion as a draft eligible player. If James is forced to go up and down as a 3 in game situations against other 3's in the draft pool, he'll be exposed for what he is. A 3-4 tweener that can't hunt his own shot. A player that needs to be surrounded by creators so he's allowed to slash at defenders running at him and board over weak boarding 3's. If your team needs a traditional scoring small forward, Damion's not your guy.

I think Lavin sees that and his comments reflect that towards the end of the interview when he says that he thinks Damion needs to come back to Texas and show he's not just a catch and shoot guy. Lavin also acknowledges that James fell in love with the perimeter and needs to go back to slashing to the goal showcasing his explosive athleticism. Where have we heard that before? And with all the creators on next year's Texas squad, DJ will be able to do just that as a hybrid 4 surrounded by perimeter scoring threats like Bradley, Hamilton, Lucas, Balbay, and Ward. Add in one of the premier pivot men in the nation in Dexter Pittman, and Damion will enjoy a floor as open as the one he enjoyed as a freshman when he was flanked by Durant and Augustin. Kid needs to come back.