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Tim Floyd Resigns

According to the only media entity intent on seeing USC punished for using its powers for evil instead of good. Could Floyd be the sacrificial lamb that takes the onus off of the football program? Or, is Tim Floyd just pissed off because he's being thrown under the bus?

"Unfortunately, I no longer feel I can offer the level of enthusiasm to my duties that is deserved by the university, my coaching staff, my players, their families, and the supporters of Southern Cal."

If I had to guess, I would think it's a little bit of both. This guy knows how to play the game. Hell, he was able to deliver ballers like Tiim Hardaway, Antonio Davis, Greg Foster, and Chris Sandle to El Paso, Texas. It's tantamount to getting anyone from Chicago, Los Angeles, or Phoenix to go to Norman, Oklahoma. It's a special skill that requires an X chromosome devoid of any ethical reflection or thought. Or, in the case of Barry Switzer, an extra chromosome altogether.

Look, do I really think USC gets hammered here? No. But I didn't believe in a higher power until HenryJames predicted Gloria Esteban would leave the Miami Sound Machine.