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Texas Leads NCAA in Revenue Production

Texas Burnt Orange continues to have a green tint to it as the Longhorns generated the most football revenue and total athletics revenue in 2007-08.

Texas took in almost $73 million in football revenue during the 2007-08 school year, as well as a total of $120.3 million in total dollars.

Texas was one of only three programs to produce athletics revenue over $100 million last school year.

Ohio State generated $118 million in revenue last year, while Florida came in with $106 million in revenue.

A quick look at the Top Ten revenue producing programs shows that four are from the SEC, four are from the Big 10 and two from the Big 12.

1. Texas
2. Ohio State
3. Florida
4. Michigan
5. Wisconsin
6. Penn State
7. Auburn
8. Alabama
9. Tennessee
10. Oklahoma State.

Texas continues to be at or near the top of this list on a yearly basis because of the philosophy less is more.

Under Deloss Dodds the Longhorn program has supported the NCAA minimum number of sanctioned sports -- 20 -- which has allowed the athletics department to be nationally competitive at almost all levels, while also helping to produce the best intramural program in the country.

As for Oklahoma State making the Top Ten revenue list -- there is obviously one major factor - or benefactor.

Thanks to the generosity of Boone Pickens, OSU made the Top Ten list, despite making a litle over half of what cross state Rival OU collected in football revenue.

It doesn't take much digging into the numbers to see where the disparity between the Big 12 North and the Big 12 South is of the biggest concern. It's hard to generate a competitive balance on the field when the dollars are so out of balance.

Big 12 South
Total Revenue - Football Revenue

1. Texas $120.3 million - $72.9 milion
2. OSU $88.5 million - $23 million
3. OU $77 million - $41 million
4. A&M $74.8 million - $42.5 million
5. Baylor $44 million - $11 million
6. Tech $42.8 million - $20.2 million

Nebraska led the Big 12 North in football revenue, while Kansas brought in more total dollars in 2007-08

Big 12 North
Total Revenue - Football Revenue

1. Kansas $86 million - $15 million
2. Nebraska $78.4 million - $49 million
3. Colorado $56.5 million - $28.7 million
4. Missouri $49 million - $19 million
5. KSU $48 million - $21.9 million
6. Iowa St. $38.6 million - $17.4 million

The gap between Texas and the rest of the league is fairly obvious. Texas generated over $23 million in football revenue that the nearest rival (Nebraska at $49 million). Even with Boone Pickens millions at Oklahoma State, Texas still took in almost $32 million more in total revenue than any other program.

When the current school year's figures are released, perhaps Texas Tech will be in a stronger position, thanks to the last football season, but the fact that they trail everyone else in the Big 12 South has to be a concern out on the Plains.