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Tidbit on Texas Basketball Scholarship Numbers

Rumors are swirling that Texas is going to get some scholarship relief in the form of a transfer. The information I got was that Harrison Smith would be transferring to a local mid major for immediate playing time, which would get Texas to the allowable scholarship limit with J'Covan Brown still tied up in the clearinghouse.

This would be huge news if true considering the other names and scenarios being tossed around, specifically the threat of a Varez Ward transfer. Ward remaining in the mix gives the Horns its most dynamic offensive player from last season's squad, as well as a tough as nails perimeter defender. Plus Varez has skins on the wall, including a heroic effort against Duke when the Horns had zero playmakers on offense other than Ward. Big guards that can shoot and create off the bounce are gold, especially when they can turn around and guard other big guards and wings. Texas now has three of those types of players.

Stay tuned.